Nubian Heritage Goat Mlk/Chai Lotion (1x13OZ )

Certified Organic Ingredients. With Rose Extract. Softening, Hydrating & Conditioning. A silky, quick absorbing skin softener and moisturizer made with nourishing shea butter, conditioning goat's milk and antioxidant chai. Nubian Goat's Milk high protein, vitamin and mineral content helps Shea Butter to soothe and moisturize skin. Heritage: Featured on the walls of Egyptian and Abyssinian tombs dating back to 500 BC, the Rose has proven useful in skincare for all skin types. Cleopatra's legendary milk and rose petal baths illustrate milk's well documented history as an ancient moisturizing additive. Chai, the actual word for tea in Swahili, is integral to the cultural and social fabric of many civilizations. Grown on East African family farms, Chai is rich in antioxidants to fight skin damage and premature aging.
Pack Size: 13 OZ

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