Newman's Own Organics O's Van Wf Df (6x13OZ )

Nell Newman loves chocolate and can't go too long without dreaming up a new use for it. This time it's Newman-O's Wheat Free - Dairy Free Vanilla Creme cookies, rich chocolaty cookie sandwiches with creamy vanilla filling. These cookies are made without wheat or dairy ingredient, which makes for delicious snacking without the worry of food allergens. And with Newman's O's, you don't have to worry about where the products come from, either. All Newman's O's chocolate cookies include organic cacao that comes from small farmers in the Talamanca region on the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica and Panama. Some of these farms provide important buffer zones for the La Amistad Biosphere Reverse, a habitat for endangered mammal and bird species. Methods of farming and harvesting are used that do not require the destruction of the rain forests. Newman's Organics sources their organic chocolate from producers in Central and South America. Their producers take measures to certify that all of the cocoa they purchase is produced without the use of forced labor. Their group of cooperatives are inspected to verify compliance with organic standards. They require written verification from the inspector that each farm is slavery-free.
Pack Size: 6/13 OZ

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